The two major types of fats circulating are triglycerides and cholesterol. They originate from the liver that create their major part, but also from foods we eat. Both have different physiological attributes in the body, especially structural and energetic. But when production is excessive or when metabolism is deficient, the result is an accumulation, the major factor for the development of atherosclerosis. The first step in reducing cholesterol is to avoid the high cholesterol foods. These are animal products such as brain, liver, chicken eggs, foiegras, squid, and lobster. But, high cholesterol foods are not the only culprits. Fatty foods are also responsible for increasing cholesterol. The hardest thing in a diet to lower cholesterol is to know where the fat is hidden. Many are difficult to detect because they are part of the food or because they were used to prepare it.




The saturated fats can be found in all foods that are prepared with lard, whole milk, cheese and eggs. If the first thing that comes to mind are fries, pizza, fried chicken and chips, you’re right. But much more … desserts, ice cream, mushroom sauce and even the cream you put over your fruit salad, may contain saturated fats. The trans-fats are hidden in all foods that use margarine or shortening for their preparation, such as crackers and sweets, cakes and delicious snack cakes. In addition, you should check both types of fat on the labels of the products you buy. And do not trust the so-called “low-cholesterol foods”, because they may be loaded with saturated fats.