Can A Pill Really Make You Smater

Caffeine has been used for centuries and known as a stimulant in the world of drugs. In scientific terms it is classified under a psychoactive drug. In simple term this means it is a chemical stimulant that has the power to alter the brains functions that are associated with mood and awareness. Many people take caffeine in the form of coffee hoping that it will give them the extra boast they need to get them through a busy day. The down side of drinking too much caffeine is the side effects. The most common being: trouble sleeping, nausea, dizziness, diarrhea, irritability and fast heartbeat.






What if there was an alternative to caffeine that had no negative side effects, a substance that could be taken in pill form, which had the power to unlock your brains potential. That alternative does exist in the form of a product called Addium. It has the same properties as caffeine but with none of the side effects. Add Addium to your health regime and let your brain reap the benefits you can find more information at Todays lifestyle can be hectic taking Addium will keep you alert throughout the day without the need for a constant supply of coffee or prescription medication.